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Questions and Answeres


Q: Which timezone is the stated time on the homepage?
A: All times are stated in CET (Central-European-Time)/CEST (Central-European-Summer-Time).


F: Why are statistics registered for some games and not for others?
A: Basically, something is only entered if the information is available. Player statistics are only entered in TPG Games. Otherwise, the players, map and score will be entered on all other games when the information is available.

Explanation of Terms

F: What means "defwin"?
A: "Defwin" means "Default-Win" and is given to a team when, for example, an opponent does not appear to the game or gives up.

F: What means "EF" in Playerstatistics?
A: "EF" means "Enemies Flashed", so how many enemies got flashed by a player.

F: What means "UD" in Playerstatistics?
A: "UD" means "Utility Damage", so how much damage a player dealt another player with granades.